Nikos Papadopoulos, 2019, "do it to Julia", hybrid installation, variable dimensions



materials: 3d printed PLA, mirror, wood, screens, gamepad, wiring


composition of four 3d print busts-self-portraits, made of translucent plastic material and three world simulation projects, virtual reality (VR).

INSPIRED BY the penultimate scene from the book, Nineteen Eighty-Four, by George Orwell (1949).

The bust -assemblage of the artist's head with pieces of his fears, is multiplied on a glass surface/mirror. Next to it, on two screens and a projection, imaginary worlds can be simulated in which the viewer can navigate. The work is created by a complex of emerging fears/phobias that threaten any coherence of identity.

The disgusting reptiles and bugs, the occupation of the ego by "foreign" bodies that deconstruct it from within, the limits of the self that overflow uncontrollably, the sexual anxiety for the reproductive capacity and the fatherhood -VR with childish forms dancing-, the performance of national masculinity -VR with national heroes-, the sounds of rustling and lullabies, the cables running to the pc -information center-, all together compose a digital bad dream.


text Apostolos Delakos