Nikos Papadopoulos lives and works in Athens. He is a visual artist and since 2016 he is a member of the artist collective "Ex-ils" - "James Joyce Cafe".

Implements interactive installations through virtual reality and video game software.

Exploring new interpretations, he integrates works of art that have a public character in another kind of sociability, in a virtual world, made in such a way as to be attractive. There he creates the conditions for the spectators, wandering in a virtual environment, to shape the work in real time, in the social exhibition space.

He studied Sculpture at the Athens School of Fine Arts, in the 2nd Sculpture Laboratory, with professor George Lappas (2007-2013). He attended plastics courses at Arts plastiques -Université Paris 8, in Paris, within the program erasmus, 2011. Obtained a master's degree in "Art, virtual reality and versatile systems of artistic expression" with professors Manthos Santorini at Ala, and ASKT University of Paris8, 2013-2018. He holds a degree in Educational Technologist in Electrical Engineering.


Solo Exhibitions

2020 "Sound Landscape of Virtual Reality", Athens & Epidaurus Festival, 14-15/08, Small Theater of Ancient Epidaurus, as part of the concert, Savina Giannatou & Primavera "Watersong", Curated by Katerina Sperentzou.

2016 "rowing lessons", Michalis Kakogiannis Foundation, Athens


Team assignments

2019 "Frieze, an artistic research", curated by Giannis Psychopedis, TELLOGLEIO FOUNDATION OF ARTS, Ex-ils, Thessaloniki
2018 "Frieze, an artistic research", curated by Giannis Psychopedis, Purple Squirrel, Ex-ils, Athens
2017 "Octana or The Colors of Freedom", curated by Giannis Psychopedis, Purple Squirrel, Ex-ils, Athens
2017 “Art at the Grocery Store”, curated by Giannis Psychopedis, Ex-ils, Athens
2016 “Corpus Isola” -NEON PROJECT, curated by Katerina Sperenzou, Kalymnos
2016 “Selection in Crisis”, Festival “kinono_1”, Tinos
2016 "Visual Notes on Expatriation", curated by Giannis Psychopedis, Ex-ils, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki
2015 “Villa Utopia, Tannery Theater, construction of 3D virtual world, Athens
2015 “Villa Utopia, Municipal Theater of Piraeus, construction of a 3D virtual world
2014 “Selection in Crisis”, group work, Festival Zero, Kalamata
2014 "12 Young Visual Artists VIII", curated by Lida Kazantzaki, Cultural Center of the Municipality of Athens "Melina"
2013 “Georgios Karaiskakis”, Athens School of Fine Arts, (thesis)
2012 "The Death of the Creator", Beton7, Athens
2011 “Leaders, Animals and Tools”, curated by George Lappas, Kappatos Art Gallery, Athens
2011 "Big Candy", edited by Aphrodite Liti, Greek Film Archive, Athens

Work experience


2016-2020 Collaborator of the 3rd Sculpture Laboratory of ASKT, at the personal invitation of the director of the workshop, Mrs. Aphrodite Litis.

2016-2020 Delivery of Seminars and lectures to the students of the laboratory.

2019 active participation in the implementation of the Workshop and the exhibition, "blank glitter", at the Numismatic Museum of Athens, of the DG Sculpture Laboratory of the School of Fine Arts, with responsible professor Aphrodite Liti and the Sculpture and Installation Laboratory of the University of Fine Arts Hale with Professor Stella Geppert in charge.

2019 Participation in the implementation of the exhibition, on "Temporal character of the Portrait", at the Embassy of Italy in Athens.
Collaboration of the 3rd Sculpture Laboratory of ASKT with the Accademia di Belle Arti of Rome.

2020 Participation in the completion of the workshop entitled "Polis", of the 3rd Sculpture Laboratory of ASKT with the CNRS center in Paris, of the department "visual ethnography laboratory".

1994-2019 Instructor, with subject, Automation Laboratory, Electrical Measurement Laboratory, Electrical Installation Laboratory and corresponding theoretical courses. Public Education

2010 Delphus Project, "from the real to the virtual space", Delphi, group work


2016 EuroVR Conference 2016, “Developing multimodal virtual experiences based on low-cost games mechanisms, under the perspective of artistic creation”, Dr. Stavroula Zoi
2015 “Selection in Crisis”, group work, IEEE VR 2015, Arles, France
2014 “Selection in Crisis”, group work, Digital Storytelling in Times of Crisis, Hellenic American Union Athens