rowing courses  project

Nikos Papadopoulos    

13 June -07 July 2016

Michael Cacoyannis Foundation

reservation required T. +30210 3418579

In his first solo show at Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, the reek artist Nikos Papadopoulos  presents a Virtual reality exhibition.

The artist  calls upon the Athens audiences to take part in a virtual reality workshop.Three interfaces, a paddle, a microphone and oculus rift.

Three users which alternate with the rest of the audience when they fill like or in collaboration with the artists facilitators. 


multimodal interactive virtual-reality installation, back projection, paddle,  razer hydra, oculus rift, microphones, camera. 2016

multimodal interactive virtual-reality installation, back projection, paddle,razer hydra, oculus rift, microphones, camera. 2016


In this project artists and audience will work together collectively and participatory, travel through history, geography, create actions and write.

we are moving in horizontal axis using a paddle,

slowly sinking,

passing from one representation to another,

while with the voice we emerge or balance realizing vertical trajectories in the three-dimensional space.

Someone else with oculus rift draws our view and other with their voice or silence allow the rise or descent because of the space gravity.




The paddler is alert,  kneeling, or  with hands up, or in the normal position,  using a non docility interface.

The performers with their voices, a paddle and a head-mounted display, will navigate the potential virtual space which questions traditional perceptions.

The visual information from the head-mounted display moves him into the utopian world.  His sense of sight is totally isolated from the natural world and his body, which he is able to virtually explore with the voice as a means of elevation in a falling environment and the paddle to move through horizontal levels with a feeling of sailing.






Bringing back to the collective memory emotionally charged monuments,  reconstructs the predominant narration with counter-monument aesthetics. Charged with emotions of nations, of destruction, of salvation and death, public monuments often function as a fundamental identity indicator onto which collective emotions and conflicting social standards are projected.

Employing the technique of photogrammetry, the monuments have been fragmented and recreated in a virtual version which is intangible, see-through, empty.

The virtual space has been constructed with references to monuments in Athens and Paris, such as the equestrian statue of Karaiskaki in Zappeion and Jeanne dArc at the Place des Pyramides etc.

Rowing Lessons brings us face to face with a new interpretation of the reality of the world and its objects where natural law has been recreated.

With the support of ASFA-Paris8 Greek-postgraduate Program, "Art, virtual reality and multiuser systems of artistic expression"




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