Lyssandros Spetsieris

“Nekyia”.  Performance by Lyssandros Spetsieris         


Monday and Wednesday at 19.00


During “Nekyia” , the spectators take the place of the performers. Confronting the show of Nikos Padopoulos, they negotiate a relation between oral speech and image, between digital world and their own living creatures. They negotiate their identity in a joint dialogue with rememberance. The Nekyia performance, inspired  by book 11

( Nekyia) of the all –too – familiar  Odyssey, its  universal and existential nature, dears to utilise the ancient and diverse linguistic saga and  pass it on to the modern world.

Where speech runs out, but the desire for  imaging  fiction inspires new methods for a new language of communication.

Also tests the obligatory, according to Circe, dialogue with the past, the descent in Hades and the ascent  which defines the course to Ithaca.  “Nekyia” is a long debate between memorials, debt and Evolution.

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