Sito Sánchez



Sito Sánchez, a flamenco artist, in conversation with the work of Nikos Papadopoulos “Rowing Sessions”. Through the process of mental association, he will be reciting or singing flamenco lyrics inspired by his exploration in the virtual, poetic world created by Nikos Papadopoulos. It is about an experimentation connecting different cultural identities and traditions with cutting edge technology, which – although it has been around for several decades – for the first time becomes available to low cost productions and artists beyond institutional subsidies. The work incorporates multicultural elements from the Greek and French heritage, a fact that serves the need of detachment from local and national emotionally charged tensions, as well as of the equilibrium of bedazzlement with the possibility of a fine reflective frustration.



Originally as self-taught guitarist and percussionist in several music styles, like reggae, flamenco, bossa nova, rock, blues and afro-cuban, Sito would soon dedicate himself to the study of flamenco (singing and guitar) through several courses and extended practice in various peñas flamencas of Malaga and Granada.

In 2004, he set off on a journey to Andalucía in search of “non-professional” artists who keep the spirit of the real flamenco art alive. In 2008, he started working regularly as flamenco singer and musician for various tablaos and dance groups primarily, in Madrid and then in Barcelona.

By the end of 2011, he moved to Brussels where he would focus as singer and percussionist to the music project Verea, an interpretation of the music of Andalucía and of the Mediterranean via flamenco, in collaboration with acclaimed musicians (flamenco guitar, saz and bouzouki).

Since 2014, he has been living in Athens where he has been collaborating with several flamenco schools and groups, while at the same time making solo performances and teaching flamenco singing and music.



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