Tzouti Vasso




She was born in Piraeus, Greece. She attended the academic program of Theatre Studies at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. She graduated in 2001, with her dissertation on “The scenographic work of Lily Pezanou”. The same year, she started her collaboration with the Yannis Tsarouchis Foundation, aiming at the research and recording of the painter’s scenographic work, while today she is responsible for the educational programs of the museum. In 2004, she worked as assistant set designer to Chloe Obolensky for Samuel Beckett’s “Happy Days” (directed by A. Kokkinou, M. Gementzaki). In 2005, she started collaborating with the Benaki Museum and particularly with the department of educational programs; she gave a series of seminars for adults on “Exercising Creative Expression” within the framework of the “Lifelong Learning” program (2005-2007). She has attended seminars of theatrical play, art therapy, photography theory etc taught by Lakis Kouretzis, Clio Makri, Plato Rivellis and others.

In 2007, she will continue her studies by entering in the Athens School of Fine Arts. In 2012, she will graduate from the painting workshop of Professor Yannis Psychopedis.

While studying, in 2010, she will collaborate with the artist Ric Carvalho on “The Cricket Project”, a study on respiration and its relation to the sounds of nature. The same year, she will become part of the theatrical group “Panic Theater” and she will design the sets and costumes for the plays “Fando and Lis” by F. Arrabal (2011) and the “Death of Antonello” by Vivi Pinioti (2012) directed by L. Spetsieris and K. Papatheodorou and later on for VILLA UTOPIA by  Vivi Pinioti (2015) directed by L. Spetsieris.

In the spring of 2011, she will study at Université Paris 8 in Paris after being granted a scholarship by the Hellenic State Scholarships Foundation. There, among other things, she will organize artistic performances at the Louvre and at Université Paris 8 in relation to her research “Intangible contact with the Greek tradition”.

In 2016, in collaboration with the artist Nikos Papadopoulos she will participate on “The Rowing Project”, performed at  Michael Cacoyannis Foundation.

She has participated in the following exhibitions:

2016 - Ex-ils , visual notes on the expatriation (Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki )

2015 - “Vizyinos, a journey” (Zografeio Lyceum, Istanbul)

2014 – “James Joyce Café” (The Train at Rouf railway carriage theatre, Athens)

2014 – Child and Toy in Life and Art (Melina Cultural Center, Athens)

2013 – “Window Display Diaries” (Ikaros Editions bookstore, Athens)

2012 – “Twelve New Artists” (Melina Cultural Center, Athens)

2012 – “The Death of the Creator” (Beton 7 theatre, Athens)

2012 – “Flags – Placards- Banners” (Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, Athens)

2012 –  A3 (The Athens Fine Arts School, Athens)

2011 – “Lime and Sea, depicting the poetry of Odysseas Elytis” (The House of Cyprus, Athens)

2011 – “Etsi, all together” (Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, Athens)

2011 – “In train” (The Train at Rouf railway carriage theatre, Athens)

2010 – “Exiles” (The House of Cyprus, Athens)

2009 – A3 (The Athens Fine Arts School, Athens)

2008 – “Fire at Olympia” (Melina Cultural Center, Athens)



Currently, she lives and works in Athens, evolving her art.

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